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Flightscope Kudu – Golf Launch Monitor

THE indoor & outdoor launch & ball tracking radar

Following considerable interest in our original Flightscope article, we thought we’d treat you to more information about these fantastic launch monitors which have become an essential tool for custom fitting.

If you’re yet to see Flightscope in action then we’d highly recommend you contact Luna Golf about a demo. The Flightscope Kudu will change the way you sell clubs, increase sales, and just as importantly, ensure your customers purchase the best equipment to improve their game.

Flightscope Kudu – Golf Launch Monitor

Flightscope Kudu units can be installed into a permanent secure facility, or set up in minutes on an open range alongside a laptop. Just run through the set-up wizard, then every shot will be automatically tracked by radar and provide you with the kind of accurate data you’ve dreamed about. The Flightscope interface is extremely user friendly, so even technophobes can evaluate the feedback, and use the information to make the right equipment changes.

The main club comparison screen shown above displays all data for your current club. Starting from the left, the columns show Total Carry Distance, Tolerance Level, Lateral direction from target, Distance Tracked, Club Speed, Ball Speed, Smash Factor, Back Spin, Side Spin, Launch Angles – Vertical and Horizontal as well as Vertical Impact Angle, Height reached, Time in Flight and a basic Classification of each shot. The green row at the foot, then shows the Average for each Club.

Flightscope Kudu creates immediate interest from avid golfers. Here Flightscope was used for a Long Drive Competition on the range at a major corporate golf tournament for Mercedes-Benz.

The Grouping view screen shows the dispersion with each club, offering an immediate comparison between consistency, length and accuracy. An individual can collect data for every club in their bag (bar the putter), so it proves a phenomenal aid on the practice ground.

Ball trajectory both pre and post impact, with amendable ground conditions to calculate the amount of roll on the ball.

For every shot recorded, you can view the swing path (from above or a side view) as well as the clubhead speed profile evaluating the acceleration and deceleration both pre and post impact.

Once you’ve examined all the feedback, Flightscope then offers a ‘Driver Optimizer’. Through an analysis of an individuals swing speed, ball speed, spin rates and launch angles, Flightscope suggests minor changes to launch angles or spin rates in order to gain additonal distance. Multiple drivers can be compared against one another so an individual can find the perfect driver for their swing.

Furthermore, Flightscope also offers a Ball Comparison so you can test up to ten different types of golf balls against one another, to ensure you’re definitely using all the right equipment.

All in all, the Flightscope Kudu allows retailers, coaches, teaching Pro’s, professional golfers and serious amateurs to view precise accurate data, essential to improving theirs and others golf.

Could you use help illustrating the performance characteristics of various equipment? If you’d be interested in a Flightscope demonstration then contact us using the details at the foot of the page.

If you’d like to read our original Flightscope post, which includes a photo of the unit then click here

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  1. Bob Krelik on 09/12/08

    I am building a 3500 sq ft Fitting studio on the upper deck of my driving range totally inclosed with 3 bay doors to open to range with 3 stations for launch monitors an 1 simulator

  2. David Watson on 18/11/09

    I would really like this system looks great but cant find a price can you help?

  3. rick young on 09/01/12

    I was   told by a fellow instructor that this is the best unit possible,,he wouldnt say the price.What is the cost ,complete set-up ?

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